3 Steps to Speeding iPad Adoption in your Company

This post from StoryDesk hit the nail on the head! Point your IPad at sales and have it improve the bottom line. In short make it easier to sell. Read on, then try StoryDesk to convert PowerPoint to a an IPad app and you’ll see the light.

3 Steps to Speeding iPad Adoption in your Company. You want your company to adopt iPad. New technologies – and new expenditures – usually require buy in from a variety of constituencies. While we’ll leave it to you to navigate the internal politics of your organization, we can tell you what we’ve seen work for our clients.

1 The proof is in the prototype. Most people’s initial reaction to adopting the tablet is skepticism. They don’t see it’s value relative to, say, a laptop or the web. They see it as expensive, unnecessary, and frivolous. By far, the best way to get around these objections is to hand someone an iPad and let them start using it. What’s even better? Figure out what your decision makers’s greatest pain point – or revenue driver – is and get a prototype app built that addresses this problem. Then hand them the iPad and let them start using it. We’ve never seen this fail. Prototypes, even if they are approximate and for demonstration purposes only, are critical in helping your colleagues see what you see. Show, don’t tell.

2 Follow the money. Sales is the lifeblood of any business. If you can find a way to increase or accelerate sales, and can prove out your theory, then you’ll plenty of political and financial! capital to spend. Point your initial iPad rollout at sales. Develop a prototype that makes the sales team happy – and more productive – and it will be hard for anyone to say no.

3 Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. To start, build something adequate but illustrative of your vision. Get people using it in order to accelerate the learning process. Comprehensive solutions take a long time to arrive at and are usually the product of much experimentation and intelligent failure. Often times, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs when it comes to scope and sophistication. Agile and lean methodologies for product development teach us to iterate quickly and incrementally. Get something basic up and running and use this as the starting point for future development. It’s tough to get stuff done within big companies. When new technology is involved, it’s enough more difficult. Hopefully these steps will help you advance tablet-based initiatives within your organizations.

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