5 Things Your Marketing Plan Must Include

Lets face it, a business that doesn’t have a marketing plan is probably a business experiencing, flat revenue and no growth. And let’s not confuse sales and marketing. Marketing is about producing leads, while sales it what you do with the leads.

No Marketing Plan Means No leads = No Sales.

Simple as that.
Want to jump start your marketing plan?

Here are the 5 Rs of marketing.

Marketing Plan Springfield Ma

Work on each of them one day per week for 30 min. and do that for 90 days and I guarantee you double-digit growth!

  1. R = Reputation
  2. R = Ranking
  3. R = Referrals
  4. R = Retention
  5. R = Reactivation


  • Know what they’re saying about you online and do what you have to do to make sure that what people find when they search for you is a five-star reputation. in other words, you need to have a reputation marketing plan


  • Know the top keywords and search volume for your niche and make sure you come up on the first page when consumers type those keywords. It’s important not to spend money on ranking before you have managed to cultivate a five-star reputation online. Otherwise your money is simply driving customers to any competitors with a better reputation. Learn about this specifically in our free weekly training for small businesses


  • Referrals represent the lowest hanging fruit for any business, if you’re not asking for them daily you’re making a mistake. Happy customers love to give you referrals so don’t ever be afraid to ask for them!


  • Whenever a customer does business with you offer them a reason to come back again soon, with a coupon, a discount or some special treatment but be sure to put an expiration date! The best example a fantastic retention campaigns come from clothing retailers like Banana Republic and the Gap. If you buy something from them, they almost immediately make it irresistible for you not to come back again very soon with their amazing discount offers! Learn from the big boys, start a retention campaign immediately.


  • Statistics show that almost all businesses lose as much as 20% of their customers in any given year. Keep track of your customers and reach out to them whenever you haven’t seen them lately. The time period you choose will depend upon what kind of business you’re in so it’s important that you have a system where you can program it workflow alert that tells you which customers haven’t been back in X number of days.  Reactivation campaigns can pay big dividends.
    • What is the actual dollar value of the average customers worth to your business?
    • How many is 20% of your customer base?
    • Multiply the dollar value times the 20% number, and you’ll see exactly why reactivation campaigns are worth every penny!

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