Apple iPad 2: Who should buy and who should pass | TechRepublic

Thinking about buying the new IPad? If you want a clear opinion on whether to get it this article from the folks at TechRepublic is useful.

Takeaway: A lot of people are attracted to the Apple iPad 2, but not all them should get it. Here’s a look at the top candidates for the iPad 2, as well as those who should stick with iPad 1 or get a different device.

Nobody in the technology business does a better job than Apple of convincing people that they need to buy the next shiny new thing. However, despite the product magnetism of Steve Jobs and company, not everyone who thinks they need or want the new iPad 2 should actually buy it.

In order to help some of those folks save some money and to help others decide whether or not they are a good candidate for iPad 2, I’ve put together a quick first take on the iPad 2 question.

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