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Expected Maternity

Growing up as children, our mother always taught us that we could do whatever we wanted if we put our mind to it. Throughout our lives we have had a GREAT time believing in her wisdom! We have had many adventures and experiences that have enriched and molded our lives.
Bredenberg Associates

Leadership Development: Bredenberg Associates helps leaders and teams work together better!
They provide executive coaching and strategic facilitation to leaders and senior teams, helping them align and agree on a shared vision, purpose, and values for their organizations.Through interviews, assessment, observation, and group facilitation they gather data that identifies organizational and team strengths and problems. They then equip leaders and teams with proven methods and leading-edge tools for innovative strategic thinking, effective project planning and impactful communications.
The U Can Brand Watering Can

Keep your favorite dry, water soluble, or liquid
fertilizer handy!  The U CAN watering can does more than just water!That’s what makes it one of the top gardening gift ideas and why it was chosen as one of Joe Gardener’s “The Best of the Must-Haves” gardening tools for 2010!

The translucent plastic watering cans include:

* a fertilizer storage chamber,
* a built-in measuring cup and spoon,
* a fertilizing reminder dial,
* a glove jam to store your gloves,
* a liquid pump assembly,


An innovative Relationship Mapping System that can be used to your advantage in any personal or business relationships.It’s a great way to understand, manage and improve your relationships with your partner, family members, friends, and co-workers.

Ideal to use for dating.

It’s a patent pending, visual pattern matching system that allows you to understand your potential for compatibility in any past, current or potential future relationships.

Theresa Kathryn

She did fantastically well on the “Apprentice”. She wasn’t hired by “The Donald” but she did clearly showed her talents, intelligence, and skills.Now, you can see her own designer brand featured running on Aspdotnetstorefront. Custom skin. Custom XmlPackages. Pretty standard ML platform. Great products, and press…
Indian Motorcycle

A great website for a classic motorcycle company.
Kodak Mobile

Kodak Mobile site.