Attention Musicians: Look at how Pixies are using Social Media

I found this great post on the Telegraph out of the UK. If you’re a performing musician take note how Pixies are using Social Media to create a fan driven archive of there performances. You can do it too!

The Pixies, the influential American rock band, have begun building an online gigography and uploading recordings of their shows that fans can download for $3.99 each. More than that, however, they’re asking fans to upload photos and video of the shows to create a real archive.

Richard Jones, the band’s manager, tells me: “We’ve got enough for at least two years of regular input of stuff. The band looked for old photographs, old setlists – we’ve got some really fantastic stuff coming up. As technology moves on, we hope to offer even greater things.”

Jones said the Pixies have recordings of every show since they reformed in 2004 and around 25 gigs from the 1980s and 1990s. The band played more than 300 shows between 1986 and 1992 so that’s a drop in the ocean but Jones hopes that fans will fill in the gaps.

“You can post things yourself,” he says. “If people have bootlegs they want to put up then they can.”

The site is a continuation of the innovative thinking the band has shown recently. As I wrote back in July, the Pixies played two London gigs earlier this year that were organised and sold through the band’s mailing list. For those shows, as with the new website, the Pixies worked with Topspin, a music services company.

via Pixies continue to innovate online with gigography download site – Telegraph Blogs.