Backing Up: Data vs System back ups

It is not a question of whether or not your computer will crash, but rather when it will crash. Backups are the only way to avoid the pain and frustration of losing your precious data. It’s important to understand the difference between data backups and system backups. Some backup programs only backup your personal data, like photos, wordprocessing documents spreadsheets, videos, music etc.
An example of this kind of backup is the functionality built into Microsoft OneCare. OneCare is a great program to automate all of your system maintenance needs including backup. When your computer crashes you will absolutely be able to restore all of your personal files, but not the operating system and software it took you months if not years to collect and install.
Here’s what I do: Microsoft OneCare automatically backs up all of the data in my documents once a day to an external hard drive. Once a week I have Retrospect Express, which came with my Western Digital external hard drive, backup everything on my C:\drive except for the contents of my documents. Once I have that system file archive, I have retrospect create a disaster recovery disc image based upon that archive. Now, when the hard drive crashes I can simply install a new hard drive and restore all of my programs and system settings in a matter of minutes! Without disaster recovery I would have to manually install the operating system and each and every program I had on my machine before the hard drive crashed. That could easily take a full day, which I am happy to spend doing something much more fun because I am ready for disaster recovery.
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