Best GPS for the IPhone

This week I got an offer from At&t for their new GPS IPhone app available for $10 a month. Every month! What? I said no thanks At&t, I did my homework and already have a superior choice for GPS on my IPhone and for a small fraction of the cost!

I use MotionX GPS Drive which cost .99 at the App store and then I spend $20 per year to have the door to door Voice directions subscription.

Compared to the At&t app that’s a savings of $99 and you get more features like being the first GPS to have Wikipedia and Facebook Place check ins integrated right in the app. Check out this video, it’s an impressive App and an amazing value. I use it everyday!

My favorite features:

  • No need to enter addresses MotionX GPS looks them up from my Contacts.
  • Lots of Map choices including an aerial satellite view.
  • Points of interest directory¬† from the Internet so it’s always up to date.
  • Route preferences
  • Real time traffic updates that route you around accidents and construction.
  • Integrated IPod controls, plus

Your going to want a styling car mount for your Iphone once you start using it as a GPS device. This is the one to get. Luxa2 H5