Boost Sales with Call Tracking

If you’re like most companies you’re not using call tracking and you don’t know precisely which marketing channel each of your leads comes from. The problem with that is it’s next to impossible to accurately calculate your, cost per lead acquisition, cost per conversion and return on investment for each marketing channel without it. This is critical business data. How would you like to increase revenue by 20 to 30% just by having that data? Well, tracking your calls is the answer. Read on to learn more.

What is call tracking?

It’s the use of Special phone numbers called tracking numbers. Each one of your marketing channels, gets their own number. One for radio, one for television, one for this Call Trackingnewspaper, one for that newspaper, you get the picture. When someone calls the number your call tracking system logs all the information about that call:

  1. incoming caller ID
  2. city and state
  3. duration of the call
  4. date and time of the call
  5. and if you like, records the call.

Do that, and you’ll never again be guessing about the quality of the channel, or the quality of an operator. You can call it the and of blown leads, and the and of marketing channels that are worth the money you’re spending on them!

Call tracking isn’t anything new.

The big boys have been using tracking numbers for years. Until now the cost was prohibitive for the small business but those days are gone. Just because your competitor is 10 times bigger than you doesn’t mean you can’t play as smart as they do!  Here’s an example:

Let’s say you have four numbers that you’re using on 4 different marketing channels. 2 different newspapers, radio, and television.

If each tracking number costs you $8 dollars per month, and you receive an average of 200 min. worth of calls on each number. That’s 800 minutes. Total cost for the month.

about $44.00

I know, exactly! It would be stupid not to use tracking numbers for that kind of money considering what you learn!

In case I need to remind you what you learn!

  1. Exactly how many leads each marketing channel produces
  2. Exactly how well those leads are handled by your operators
  3. The exact numbers you need to know to accurately calculate return on investment for every marketing dollar.

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