Call Tracking

Growing a business depends upon accurate measurements all along the way and few things deliver the value and cold hard cash like call tracking.

Marketing is an investment not an expense which is why we calculate the ROI or return on our investment.

  • What would it be worth to your business to know exactly how many leads came from every of your different marketing channels?
  • I’m sure you’re already aware of the fact that that simple piece of knowledge makes it possible to accurately calculate your cost per lead.

The formula is simple: Number of leads / by Ad cost = cost per lead.

Call Tracking

Without Call Tracking

The only way to figure out which lead came from which ad campaign is to ask your customer where they heard about you. This is both unreliable and disruptive in a sales call.

With Call Tracking

You use a separate tracking number for every ad, so you know exactly how many leads that ad produced.

Other amazing benefits to call tracking

  • You can have a daily measure of the how well your staff handles inbound leads. You’ll be surprised to find how many leads are lost due to poor handling.
  • Use what you learn from your best operators to create your training and bring your other operators or employees up to that standard.

Benefiting from tracking numbers is no longer something that only big companies can afford to use. Our tracking numbers only cost $8.00 a month plus the cost for usage which is currently less than two cents per minute.

Example cost for a single tracking number:

A single number with 100 calls averaging two minutes in a month, about $11.00.

If you have 4 advertising channels, multiply that cost by 4 and you still haven’t spent $50.

The data that you get in return is priceless for building your business. In fact, you can count on 20% to 30% increase in revenue because of the smart marketing and training decisions it will allow you to make.

Call us today and try call tracking one month for free.

  • You can have as many as 4 tracking numbers, you only pay for the usage at .015 cents per minute.
  • You get your own secure login where you track your calls, and listen to the recordings.
  • You can even download the recordings for training purposes.

Now there’s an offer that can’t be beat, call tracking for free for 30 days.