Managing Your Online Accounts after Heartbleed

Using lastpass to manage accounts after heartbleed

This post is for consumers who would like to manage the threat that heart bleed represents to their online accounts and personal information. So I’m not going to go into an explanation about what Heartbleed Is, but instead I’m going to give you a demonstration of a tool you can use that will help you Continue Reading…

How to Ensure Your Reputation Marketing Succeeds


Anytime you ask your workforce to add a new behavior to their daily routine, it takes some time for habits to be formed and actions to reliably be taken. 90% of the time in business, it’s not strategies themselves that fail but rather the execution of the strategies. It’s known as the execution gap. My advice to you is simple, measure the process not the results. This download will help!

Boost Sales with Call Tracking

Call Tracking

If you’re like most companies you’re not using call tracking and you don’t know precisely which marketing channel each of your leads comes from. The problem with that is it’s next to impossible to accurately calculate your, cost per lead acquisition, cost per conversion and return on investment for each marketing channel without it. This Continue Reading…

Review Requests Made Easy When Reputation Marketing

reputation marketing, what are they saying about you?

Before you can engage in Reputation Marketing you have to build your online reputation. That starts with requesting reviews from satisfied customers. The easier you make it for you and your customer, they more successful your reputation marketing efforts will be. These videos show you how to make 1 click easy to send a review Continue Reading…

Supercharge your Marketing in Springfield Ma

keyword results for plumber Springfield ma

If you are a business marketing in Springfield Ma,…

then you undoubtedly want what any other business wants, more customers! Traditionally, we used print, display and broadcast advertising but the Internet is continuing to diminish the value of traditional medias in the minds of your potential customers. Today they trust each other more than they trust the brands who are trying to attract their business. This article going to explain how to take advantage of this trend and turn all of your marketing, both online and off-line into the best kind of marketing there is, referral marketing.

Online Reputation Marketing is Born

The Importance of Online Reputation

As of the third week in June there is now a marketing crisis facing millions of small businesses in this country and around the world and it has to do with online reputation. Surveys clearly show that for consumers, the online reputation of a company has become one of the most significant purchasing variables for Continue Reading…

We’re Google Places Specialists!

Google Places is now Google + Local!! Same great tool for business, just more of it.   USUKCAAUIENZ          

Aetrex GPS tracking shoes offer you comfort and security while taking care of loved ones

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Providing Comfort and Security for You and Your Loved Ones Are you worried that your loved one may walk off or drive away and end up somewhere else and not remember how to get back home?The Aetrex GPS Shoe is the most ground-breaking product containing GPS tracking technology designed to help protect individuals afflicted with Continue Reading…

Ashton and Demi’s hidden challenges • Patty Gates

I designed and built Compatikey for Patty years ago! She called this divorce over a year ago. Sorry for them, she could have help. Compatikey is a great example of how tech can be applied to the understanding of anything.Yeah Ok I’m proud of it! Check out her blog. Ashton and Demi’s “hidden challenges” can Continue Reading…

Get the Facebook results you’ve hoped for

Have you heard the buzz about Facebook Success Summit 2011—the web’s largest online Facebook marketing conference? Michael Stelzner shares how Facebook can benefit your business Before I tell you how this virtual summit will help your business attract great customers and prospects, gain a unique competitive advantage, and measure your Facebook marketing results, let me Continue Reading…