Don’t Lose Your Precious Memories! BACKUP!

Happy New Year!  I’m sitting here with our cat Greyson in front of a warm wood stove reviewing all the pictures and videos of the good times Patty and I had over the holidays! Our pictures and videos and the ones we got from others are priceless mementos of those fun times! The technology that allows us to easily share our lives and experiences is remarkable!!
While it’s never been easier to document our lives, it’s also never been easier to lose it all!
How’s your data backup? I received 2 calls since Christmas from people desperate to recover their precious data after hard drive failure. Neither one ended with happy news because sadly there were no backups and the drives were unrecoverable. Ouch!
Our lives are increasingly digitized, so it’s never been more important to have backup systems in place for preserving your valuable images and data. It’s so easy to prevent that painful loss.
If you don’t already have a backup plan, I can help you choose the best system for your situation. There are lots of options: local internal or external hard drives, online remote backup service and many different kinds of software to assist in the process. The cost for a big capacity hard drive is about $100, and remote backup services as low as $50 a year.
Did you know you can recover your entire system including the Operating System and installed programs after a drive failure with a Disaster Recovery Image?  Instead of hours of reinstalling programs you can be completely recovered in under an hour!
The question isn’t, will your hard drive will fail?  It is, when will your hard drive fail?
1in 5 new hard drive’s fail within one year.  So if you’re not backing up, you get closer to that heartache each day.
My services are all about preventing problems rather than curing them. You know the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”  Of course I’m be happy to do on-site service for you when bad things happen, but my remote support saves you lots of money because you only pay for minutes not hours.  The Tech Effective home page keeps a running total of how much money my clients save with remote support.
As of 1/6/09 it’s currently $2426.00 dollars saved since September 08!
Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous 2009.  Let me know how I can help you be more Tech Effective this year!

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