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Eclipse From Broadlook Technologies

Interesting huh? That’s only 1 a powerful suite of tools that can put leads in your sales pipe line with no waiting.

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If you want qualified sales leads and you are thinking about using SEO to make that happen, think again, there are choices like Eclispse that get you to your goals of more customer and more sales faster, more reliably  for less money.

Ok, Search Engine Optimization is important and yes by all means do it.

  1. Is it the fastest way to get new customers? Absolutely not!
  2. Should you spend money lots of money on it? No!

Whatever you decide about search, chew on this for a minute.

  1. You can identify hot sales leads by searching for them online by industry
  2. You can add them to your marketing database (CRM) with a click or 2 and start nurturing them immediately
  3. You can automate that process and gather 1000’s of  qualified leads in a few minutes
  4. You can do that any day to generate as many qualified sales leads as your sales process and sales staff can handle

Starting today. Not next month, or 3 months or whenever. Today.

SEO can’t do that for you.

If you’ve watched the Eclipse demo, you’ve probably changed your mind about spending $$ on SEO no matter what size company you are.

My last observations about SEO

I hear SEO companies talk about clients spending 40K on SEO. To state the obvious, that 40k is being spent to get customers to find them before they find their competition. That’s a big maybe, since the competition may out spend and out perform you with their SEO strategy!

Here’s 2 options:

  1. Spend perhaps 10’s of 1000’s on SEO, to hopefully win a heated competition for search traffic.
  2. Spend way less for software to put those customers into your sales pipeline every day.

Which makes more business sense?

SEO seems about as smart and aggressive as taping keywords to your store front window while watching your customers walk right by you! Bottom line is this, qualified sales leads can be searched for and taken for less money than paid SEO, with immediate results.

Open the door, reach out, introduce yourself, then pull them right in and start marketing. That’s being Tech Effective!

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