Effectiveness, Efficiency, Technology and Transformation

When we think of  benefits we get from technologies we usually think about how much more efficient we are. Doing more in less time. Scratching more items off of our ever lengthening do lists. Efficiency is more about time, while effectiveness is more about results without regard to time.

Innovations can be categorized by this simple distinction. For example; the airplane is more about efficiency, getting us places in less time. While the telescope is more about effectiveness, being an instrument that revealed finer details about our solar system, galaxy and universe than could be perceived by the unaided human eye. That innovation effectively revealed valuable information that was there all along but this new information created a real problem. It directly contradicted the very beliefs that allowed for humanity’s perception of itself as the center of the universe and therefore the point of it all! Of course, the powers that be of 500 plus years ago wanted to kill Galileo rather than open up and consider everything made possible by this new view of the universe.  OK, so you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with effectiveness and technology. Here it is, at the moments in history where old beliefs bump up against new information revealed by new technologies, we have always had a choices; to ignore the new information and preserve all our reference points within the comfortably defined limits of what is already known. Or, be open to the new information and consider the wider understandings by loosening our grip on how things were defined before the new information!

Historical Examples:

The world is flat.
….Then new information revealed that the world was round. In spite of all the advantages gained from realizing the world was round; there was still great resistance to this new perception. Even after sailing around it, this belief was slow to die!
The earth is the center of a single solar system. Everything else orbits it.
….Then new information revealed the sun as the center of our solar system, which is one of an infinite number of solar systems in the universe that seems to have no limit! That was a painful one leading to amazing breakthroughs and understandings about ourselves and the entire universe. Once again, the shift wasn’t easy in spite of the greater possibilities that the new information represented!

The historical lesson in all this is that new information is always good. Limited information and rigidly held perceptions say “No” to possibilities not allowed by a fixed perception. While perceptions more loosely held and open to new information says “Yes” to new possibilities!

Here a particular, popular belief that troubles me.

“Relationships are hard and require tremendous personal sacrifice and compromise.”
It troubles me for two reasons.
  1. In spite of existing, observable relationships that prove the belief is not universally true, people still swear by and live by it, simply because their own individual experience hasn’t disapproved it.
  2. It says “No” to the greater possibility and worse, blinds the eye to the living examples demonstrating it’s falseness.
Information is always good. Technology represents an opportunity for transformation. Relationship science goes back more than 2000 years to the early Greeks. The understandings about human beings and their interpersonal relationships continue to expand. The power to be in control of the quality of our relationships is at our fingertips. As always, that power lies in the choice to be open to an enhanced perception of ourselves and others, made possible by our technologies.
It’s never been easier than with Compatikey. It is probably the most personally transformative technology available today. If you are not using it, your relationships are not as good as they could be, even if they’re already great! There’s always room to grow. If you are using it, you already know that what you learn is always good news. Always.

I use it everyday in my business and personal life. Understanding others more completely with the help of technology, is as possible as every other technology that we now take for granted. Be careful not to let some old beliefs stand in the way of greater possibilities in your life. Using Compatikey is being Tech Effective!