Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Email Contains Virus [ALERT]

Another new virus is spreading through social networks, this time, via Facebook. This one – known as Bredolab – masks itself as a “Password Reset Confirmation Email,” appears to come from Facebook, and attaches a file that purports to contain a new password.

That file is actually a trojan horse that will download a host of nasty files from the Web and infect your computer with them.

via Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Email Contains Virus [ALERT].

Here’s the email:

Subject: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Your Support.

Dear user of facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed. You can find your new password in attached document.

Your Facebook.

The message is not from Facebook and the claim that the user’s Facebook password has been changed is untrue. In fact, the message is a trick designed to fool recipients into installing a trojan on their computer. Those who open the attached file, ostensibly to view their new password, will in fact be launching a copy of the Bredolab Trojan. Once installed, the trojan is able to download and install other malware components such as keyloggers and password stealers and allow Internet criminals to control the compromised computer from afar.