How to Ensure Your Reputation Marketing Succeeds

So you found out about reputation marketing and now you’re working on building the online reputation of your company. All the pieces are in place;

  1. You’ve claimed all your local business listings
  2. You’ve got a private portal to make it easy for your happy customers to leave reviews
  3. You got preformatted e-mail templates prepared with links to your portal for customers not already using Google + and the Google + listing link for those that are.
  4. Your e-mail templates are installed in your e-mail system, ( Outlook, Gmail etc.) and everyone knows where to find them.
  5. You have business cards and postcards the may be include a QR code that directs people to your listing links.
  6. Your customer facing employees have had some training on the importance of reputation and how to ask for reviews.

If you’ve accomplished all that on your own or with help from someone like us here at Tech Effective, you’re way ahead of your competition! But what if you’ve done all that and you’re still not getting reviews. What’s going on here?

Don’t worry if this is you because you’re not alone and you’re not the first to run into this wall. Let’s face it, anytime you ask your workforce to add a new behavior to their daily routine, it takes some time for habits to be formed and actions to reliably be taken. 90% of the time in business, it’s not strategies themselves that fail but rather the execution of the strategies. It’s known as the execution gap.  My advice to you is simple, measure the process not the results. To many times we get caught up in looking at the scoreboard, rather than paying attention to the actions that produces scores.

How to measure the process of reputation marketing

If all the pieces listed above are in place, the only thing left to do is track how many reviews are being requested. That’s it! it’s that simple and you will discover there is a direct relationship between how many reviews you get and how many reviews you ask for.

Reputation Marketing Reviews Requested Log

Give your employees this log to keep them accountable to your success.

reputation marketing review request log

There’s no need to wonder whether or not your employees are following through with the simple act of asking for a review. Download this tracking log, give it to your employees, tell them what you expect and start measuring! Once you put this simple mechanism in place your reputation marketing initiative will be humming along like a well oiled machine.