LUXA2 Store – H5 Car Mount

Do you love you iPhone 4?  I do and I’ve been waiting for this Iphone mount for 5 months because I wanted the perfect mount for the perfect mobile device.

  • Elegant design
  • Super high quality aluminum construction.
  • Form and function like the iPhone itself.

It’s a few dollars more than a cheap plastic model from other makers, but if you prefer quality tools and tech this is worth every penny at $49.95

Mine arrives this week!

H5, an aluminum car mount holder designed for connecting people on the go with flexible and versatile rotation and viewing angles. Connect with people by using FaceTime of iPhone4 within easy reach. One of the most user-friendly car mount holder, H5 allows you to dial or access data easily.

For iPod Touch, iPhone 3G & 3G S, iPhone 4, iPod Classic

via LUXA2 Store – H5 Car Mount | LH0008.

The H5 In action