Mobile Credit Card Reader for IPhone, IPad, Android and Windows Mobile

The ability to take credit cards for payment of services as a consultant has transformed my business in more than one way.

  1. clients that like the convenience of credit card payments really love it
  2. it eliminates the administrative task of managing check payments, which takes a lot more time than you realize

I’m an iPhone and iPad user so the video is the IPhone version of this reader.

Get a mobile card reader from Inner Fence.

What you need to take credit cards.

You need a merchant account and payment gateway in order to take credit cards. If you don’t already have one you can actually get the mobile credit card reader for free by applying for merchant account through the mobile app connected to the reader I demonstrate above. Otherwise, the readers cost about $80.

Lots of people ask me why not use PayPal or the square card reader instead of this?

Well, there are definitely advantages.

  • With PayPal and SquareUP you still have fees per transaction but no monthly account and Gateway fees
  • With PayPal you can’t swipe the card on your mobile device, instead you have to send them a link and they have to pay online.
  • With SquareUp, you can swipe and there are fees, but the square cannot yet be used for online payments.
  • The disadvantages of using PayPal for online payments and the SquareUp for card present swiping is that now you have two separate services receiving payments and that creates work for you when managing the bookkeeping.
  • If you use a merchant account for all transactions both online and card present swiping a single interface gives you your transaction history for the year making tax time much easier!
  • In addition, a full-blown merchant account and the ability to take credit cards both online and off gives confidence to the consumer who is not yet completely comfortable with PayPal and square up in spite of the fact that they’re both quite safe.