Moving through Forms

Drop That MouseWhenever you’re filling out a form on a website or a piece of software like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft access database or any other database for that matter, instead of using the mouse to move from field to field, simply press the Tab key.
To go backwards through a form, hold down the shift key and press tab.
This is a universal Windows shortcut combination

Exercise: Go to and repeatedly press the TAB key. Pay attention to what happens on the screen. When you first land on the page the cursor will be in the search field at the top, and with each press of the Tab Key a dotted outline will move through the page to every element that is hyperlinked, until it runs out of hyperlinks and comes back around to the beginning again. Press the hold Shift and press Tab and the same thing happens except it goes backwards.

Your keyboard is a powerful navigation that is tool much faster than the mouse.  the bottom line is this, the more time you spend on your computer the more you can benefit from learning how to use the keyboard in concert with the mouse.