Never Forget A Password Again

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Listen up peeps! LastPass is a secure password vault that eliminates the need for you to remember any passwords except one. The one that gets you in the vault. I’ve been using for a months and can find no reason for anyone not to use it.

I helped more than 200 clients remotely and the overwhelming majority of them spend a significant amount of time just getting logged into their various accounts. Sometimes people can’t figure out their password at all and have to go through a long process of regaining control of their various accounts. That’s frustrating, a waste of time and definitely not Tech Effective!

Stop struggling with passwords now. LastPass is a browser plug-in compatible with every browser and operating system including the mobile ones. Your passwords are synchronized across all devices that you install LastPass on. What does that look like in practice? Simple, I have it installed on my desktop, my laptop and my iPhone. On each of those devices I login to last pass with my secure master password.  I instantly have access to every site and every password that I have saved.  It remembers them for me and I never again have to type them out.

Trust me on this! Get LastPass now. Yes, there is a $12 dollar annual cost if you want the mobile synchronization. BEST $12 bucks you’ll ever spend! Watch this quick demonstration from Lastpass.

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