Remote Support – Save Money Save Time

Here we are in the information age where our lives are increasingly wired and connected.  Just like anything else, that can be a blessing and a curse! We’ve got broadband Internet at home, in the office.  We’ve got our mobile devices like laptops, IPhones, Blackberries, PalmPilots needing to be synchronized with the contacts and data at home.  Wireless printing, music and video streaming from home and office servers to flatscreen multimedia monitors. A mind-boggling array of choices representing many ways to accomplish a single desired result. Where do we turn for help when something doesn’t work, or when we need advice about the best possible choices for our needs? 

  1. The computer friend!
  2. An On-site support provider

The computer friend option is popular if you’re lucky enough to have a friend who really does know what they’re doing! Unfortunately many computer friends think they know what they’re doing and often give bad advice or in some cases cause more problems than they fix! The upside of the computer friend is no cost. The downside is having to wait until your friend is available and willing to help.

The on-site Support provider option, offers the advantage of skills and experience, but at a higher cost with one-hour minimums and in many cases travel fees adding up to $100 or more four single visit that may only require 15 minutes of work. Very often support companies are slow to respond due to a backlog of service calls.

The Third Alternative: Remote Support

  1. No one-hour minimums or travel fees. You pay by the minute. Adding up to big $$ savings.
  2. Little or no waiting for help from a technician. Get hlpe when you need help! Adding up to big time savings.
  3. The freedom to call for even the simplest questions or issues.  


  1. Only one! You must have an active Internet connection otherwise the technician must come to you.

Remote support offers much more than a way to solve problems or recover from system failures! It’s an opportunity for low-cost prevention of  that cause people to  need computer help.

For example:  For about $20 a month You can have remote support monitor your computer weekly to make sure that system maintenance is performed on schedule, (disk defragmentation and cleanup) Virus protection and spyware scans are successful, operating system and security updates are applied when needed.  Having a pair of expert eyes prevents, problems, system failures and interruptions that cost you time and money not to mention the frustration you experience when your tech  is no longer effective.

Another great use for remote support is to learn the best possible way to do whatever it is you repeatedly do with your computer! Want to streamline your e-mail process? Learn a new time-saving feature in any Microsoft office program? Time is valuable, and learning to save time while using your computer add up to more and more time savings the more you use computers in your life.

Many providers offer a remote support option.   I invite you to try my remote support services for free! Create a new account And receive 30 minutes of remote support to use for whatever you want.  You can even earn unlimited free support!

Happy holidays.