Your Support

Tech Effective specializes in remote support and training

  1. It’s Green with a double bottom line return on investment.
    • It saves money with the average remote session is under 20 minutes.
    • You make more $$ by maximizing your productivity.
    • It’s GREEN, no travel is involved reducing carbon emissions.
  2. It’s really really Fast!!
    • Call, Skype, or Text Message for immediate support attention, email for fast attention, create a ticket for non urgent issues.  I’ll get you moving fast.
  3. It’s empowering.
    • Eliminate struggle and frustration and never put off getting help again.
    • You don’t need to Stockpile issues to fill an hour.
    • You focus on what’s important to you,  I’ll keep your Tech environment healthy.
    • Request support for after hours, and I’ll make things right while you do something you enjoy.

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