Reputation Management for Business

Why is reputation management important for your business?

People will look your business up on Google before they do business with you. If they find negative things whether they are true or not, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. We can make sure that potential customers see only the truth about your business by making sure that that negative content does not appear in your top search results.

Our Reputation Management strategy covers:

  • smear campaigns
  • negative blog posts
  • hostile comments
  • old legal issues
  • slanderous reviews
  • and more.

We change your search results by understanding how search engines work

Search engines like Google make decisions about ranking webpages based upon popularity and authority on a subject.  If the subject happens to be your business a search result will include the negative or misleading material as long as it’s the most popular or authoritative.

We make the pages that contain positive information about your business, more popular and authoritative than the pages with negative material that are hurting your business. We can’t delete webpages because that can only been done by the owner of a page. Instead we cause your positive pages to “rank above” the negative ones. The net result is virtually no one ever sees the negative pages again thanks to reputation management.

Reputation Management Needed

Reputation management sounds simple. Can I do it myself?

Sure, you can do it yourself. But that requires both an incredibly large amount of time plus an understanding of the science behind search engines. We use proven white hat strategies to affect Google results, specifically so that it does not happen overnight. Why? because overnight is too fast and that looks unnatural to the search engines themselves and the strategy fails. But rest assured, it does happen.

In today’s social marketplace you have to know what’s being said about your business

That’s what rep management is all about because anyone can say anything about you at any time and that includes your competitors. The longer that material remains, the more damage it does to your business. In fact recent studies have shown that a single high-ranking negative review can reduce revenues by as much as 9%. that’s why we want to help you identify problems immediately.

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