Reputation marketing means lots more business with little effort

If there were ever a time where an opportunity for small businesses to quickly get out in the lead with reputation marketing, it is right now. Those that see it and take advantage of it will be the market leaders for the next couple of year. That’s probably how long it will take for the playing field to level out after this opportunity runs it’s course. The good news is it won’t take much effort to be the leader. You just have to seize the moment and do what needs to be done. This article will explain it to you.reputation marketing

We are just now entering what is being called the Reputation Economy where reputation marketing is born.

It’s quite simple and as old as the hills actually. The only thing that has changed is the delivery system.The most valuable thing you own is your reputation. Why? Because the best kind of business is the result of your reputation and that is referral business. The kind of client that is pre-sold, already knows you, likes you and trusts you. The better the online reputation of your company is, the more you are recognized by consumers as the market leader. Don’t believe me? Just try it for yourself. Type in plumber plus your city in a Google search and you will see the top 10 local results for plumber in that town including their reputation scores. As a consumer, which one are you going to choose, the one at the top of the list? Or the one with the best reputation?

Duh! Of course the rep wins every time.

But why reputation marketing you ask?

That is simple, it’s because marketing, not management is what makes you money.

Why just do reputation management when you can do reputation marketing?

Reputation Marketing means being proactive about developing a five-star reputation online then making sure that reputation is seen everywhere it can be,  both online and off.  Reputation marketing all starts with asking your satisfied clients for online reviews. It’s not hard at all, in fact you should already be doing it. We can give you the systems that allow you to effortlessly solicit those reviews, manage those reviews then market those reviews in order to drive loads of new referral business using reputation marketing techniques.


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