Samsung Focus review: The first great Windows Phone 7 device

This is an excellent overview from TechRepublic of Samsung’s Windows 7 phone, .

We got our hands on the first great Windows Phone 7 smartphone — or, at least the first one that’s widely available. See why we liked the Samsung Focus a lot more than we expected, and as always, we’ll also tell you the caveats.

Who is it for?

For professionals and companies that are already invested in Microsoft business technologies — especially Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, and SharePoint — they will find Windows Phone 7 devices such as the Samsung Focus now offer the best way to access those systems. That makes perfect sense since all of the systems are built by Microsoft, but it’s important to remember that Microsoft is a huge company and these technologies are made by different groups that often act like separate businesses. Microsoft deserves kudos for the integration.

What problems does it solve?

Microsoft has cut bait on Windows Mobile and replaced it with a completely new platform in Windows Phone 7, which offers a modern multi-touch experience that can legitimately compete with iPhone, Android, and webOS in terms of ease-of-use. Windows Phone 7 has the same multi-vendor, multi-telecom strategy as Android, but offers a little bit more coherent experience with less fragmentation and less manipulation its partners. It remains to be seen whether that will be enough to stem Android’s momentum

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