Sexy Conversations with Jawbone Thoughts App

I’m testing out a free iPhone application with my friend Dr. Spencer Burling called “Jawbone Thoughts”.

Jawbone Thoughts

It’s a voice version of texting! Instead of trading strings of text bad abbreviations, you trade voice recordings that are as long as 1 minute! No I’m not swapping sexy talk with Spencer, but we both immediately realized the potential. It puts a whole new kind of fun on spontaneous “what are you wearing” inquiries with your partner!

Like texting, each post is arranged on a timeline which makes up the conversation you’re having.

We think it’s cool and really like hearing the other persons voice and everything it can convey that plain text can’t!

Hearing your friends laughing rather than reading LOL and having to imagine the laugh is waaaaaaayyyyy more fun.


  • Group conversations
  • Send thoughts to anyone in your contacts
  • Convert recordings to text, this requires credits that you buy but you get 10 free credits to try it.

Another Use:
Use for this app for arguments. Most peoples arguments don’t accomplish much because they lose control and things escalate in the heat of the battle.  Instead of paying for mediation, get away from eachother and use  this app. It’ll slow things down and make it more likely to understand each other. Posts are limited to 1 minute so you have to consider your words carefully and you can’t be interrupted. Of course you have to agree to wait for the others response rather than just pummeling each other with rapid fire one minute ranting!  I’m going to try it next argument I have with Patty. Let me know how it works for you.