Share Outlook Contacts

If you’re looking for quick and easy way to share Outlook contacts with other Outlook users, but you don’t want the cost and complexity of an Exchange server or sharepoint services, here’s an excellent solution!

You just need to install ShareContacts on your computer running Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007 and on computers of your preferred teammates, and after a few clicks your contact information will be updated each time you update the shared contacts folder. This piece of software uses e-mail to transfer and update the shared contacts in your workgroup. Contact updates don’t require any interaction on the part of the receiver, as long as there aren’t any conflicts.

One time License fees start at $25 per machine, which is a bargain considering a Exchange Server account can run close to $20 a month. Every month. Discounts for multiple licensed in larger organizations are generous.

It’s easy to use, and fully configurable to assign Contact rights to different users (Add contacts, Edit contacts, read-only, etc.)

My personal rating of this software is 10 out of 10.  I use it personally and have deployed it in a number of organizations with four or more users sharing data.