Larry Page Live-Google+’s His Own Earnings Call

Early success of Google + has Google CEO Larry Page giddy at yesterdays earnings call. Check out this articke fromn TechCrunch. 9  Billion first quarter revenue! 10 Million Google + users! 1  Billion items being shared!! Impressive.

Today, during the earnings call about Google’s great Q2 2011 results, CEO Larry Page kicked things off. While this was technically his first full quarter as CEO, he got some flak during the last earnings call for only saying a few sentences. This time, he went much further, even sticking around for the Q&A session. He also did something really cool: as he was on the call, he posted all of his opening remarks to Google+. Yes, he live-Google+’d his own call. Talk about eating your own dog food. Awesome.We’ve already posted on some of the key numbers Page shared: the financials, Android activations & numbers, and Google+ numbers. But there were a few other interesting tidbits in his remarks. Namely, he’s clearly enjoying the early success Google+ is seeing. He also believes his re-organization of the company is already paying off though we can’t see all of the benefits of it yet. And he wants to make it very clear that his leadership of Google will be fiscally responsible.

via TechCrunch.