Who Needs Google Places, Google Local?

In case you didn’t know it, Google places became Google Local last week. As Google local ranking experts we get asked this question every day. Should my business be in Google local? The answer is yes when you can say yes to any or all of the following criteria:

Businesses that should use Google Places Google + Local

  • You sell products or services to local customers in the same town as your business address.
  • You have one or more locations doing that. ( locations in different towns have their own Google Places Google + local listing)
  • People search for the products or services you sell online before buying. This is especially true for services we all use to maintain our lifestyle and health like: plumbing, electrical, locksmiths, heating and air conditioning service and repair, home improvements of all kinds, massage, dentists, lawyers, anything paid for with insurance, restaurants, auto repair, insurance, financial advisory services, accounting bookkeeping and tax prep etc.

Google places now Google + local = powerful

Google Google Google + Local is a very powerful way to position your business as the market leader in whatever niche your products or services serve. The bottom line is this, people use the Internet to research products and services before they reach for their wallet. If they don’t find you on the first page then they are finding your competitors and your losing business.

Google Places heatmap


Search engines decide who’s on top

How does Google and other search engines decide which companies get top spots? it’s pretty straightforward. Search engines read the text on your website and make note when certain words are repeated. These words are called keywords. Your site is then indexed under those keywords and the sites are put in order of importance.  The decision about importance is based upon how many other websites are talking about your website, these are known as back links. In this way only the most reliable websites are the ones that get the first results for any specific keywords.

Can I do rank my business on the first page of Google Places Google + local myself?

Yes you can, if you know how. That’s the problem there’s a lot of pieces of the puzzle that need to be in place in order to dominate the top spots in Google Places Google + Local. If you have a marketing team in-house and they have the time to study up and learn a new skill set then by all means do it yourself. But if you don’t have an in-house marketing team hire someone else to do it. Most companies hire someone to do it for the simple reason that once you begin doing SEO on your site you have to keep up with it on a monthly basis. this is because once you get to the top you can get knocked back down unless you’re keeping up with a good solid SEO strategy that keeps you ahead of your competitors in Google places Google + Local.

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