WordPress Management is insurance for your content

If you’re not regularly backing up your website, monitoring security, performance and up-time then you run the risk of suffering a loss that jeopardizes all your marketing. Your website is at the center of all your online and off-line marketing efforts so insuring its safety is a good idea. Have you heard of WordPress management?

There 3 main kinds of loss that WordPress management helps prevent.

  1. Data loss
  2. Email sender reputation loss
  3. Earned authority ranking loss

Data loss can be the total or partial loss of your website and it’s content. This can be the result of an attack by hackers, server hardware failure and even careless administrator actions. Email sender reputation loss, is also related to being hacked. Malware gets installed and then used to launch SPAM email campaigns. As SPAM complaints mount, your domain gets blacklisted and all the major internet service providers can stop allowing your email through to your recipients. Imagine what effect that would have on critical daily business communications. Earned authority and ranking losses happen anytime your site becomes unresponsive long enough for search WordPress Management Gold Levelengines to realize your content is gone. This makes you untrustworthy in the eyes of search engines. Remember, they’re in the business of giving people what they ask for. The punishment that results is decreased ranking and therefore less traffic. A worst case is where your site, domain or IP address is used by hackers to launch phishing scams. In that case your host will actually shut down your site completely until the situation is remedied. Once your domain or IP gets blacklisted your authority and rank drops fast and you very quickly lose the authority and reputation it took you years to earn. It can take months to restore your hard earned reputation once you become aware of the situation, and that’s assuming that you or someone in your organization knows how to go about sorting it out.

There’s an old saying that states, an ounce of prevention is more valuable than a pound of cure. This has never been more true than in this example. The best way to avoid all these kinds of loses is prevention. WordPress management services can give you this kind of prevention had way less cost than hiring or tasking your own staff necessary responsibilities. Successful organizations are recognizing the economic sense of management services to ensure the health, security safety and performance of their website.

WordPress is just 10 years old this year! It already powers over 60 million websites worldwide and that includes about 19% of the top 10 million websites on the planet. As WordPress grows in popularity so do the threats posed by hackers. This is because WordPress represents a large uniform target. Companies that specialize in WordPress management understand the evolving threats. They can adapt to them far better than staff who already busy doing their jobs.

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