WordPress Tutorial when you need it

There is a reason why WordPress is so popular. It only requires beginner to intermediate skills to work in it. Even though it’s the simplest to use, you still have moments when you don’t know what to do. That’s what I call an I need a WordPress tutorial moment. What do you do in that situation?

Options for a WordPress tutorial are

in need of a WordPress tutorial

  • Call your expert or a friend who knows
  • Surf YouTube for a specific tutorial
  • Subscribe to any number of available subscriptions

The problem with all of those are that you lose momentum in the search. Often times that momentum stops you completely when you can’t find the help you need or you get distracted by those other videos on YouTube! Another day passes and you still haven’t finished that killer post you’ve been thinking about for weeks.

Hey, why not put the help be right there where you need it most? In the WordPress dashboard where you’re working. Of course, that’s the answer, WordPress tutorials and a manual right there when I need it. No calling, searching, wasting time, losing momentum, just fast accurate answers and demonstrations on demand. Wouldn’t that be the end of the road blocks to your content publishing?

The Perfect WordPress tutorial solution

Everything else comes with an owners manual these days, why should your website be any different? Never lose your momentum again while working on WordPress and coming up against a task you’re not familiar with.  You’re serious about your website so make it easy to produce killer content without going to school to learn all of the features in WordPress. Get WordPress tutorial videos and manual.


  • 40 plus videos
  • 85+ page user manual
  • Built in to WordPress
  • Always up to date with your version of WordPress


A no-brainer if you’ve ever need a WordPress tutorial.