Your Desktop, A Risky Place For Docs!

It has a popular sight gag in movies and television to have  someone over in a window, or turn on a fan and have all the paper on someone’s desk blown all over the place.  Just like in real life, your virtual desktop on your computer can be just as risky place to store your important documents.

Just today I had a client contact me urgently because all it is precious documents, and folders full of documents which he was in the habit of keeping right on his desktop we’re gone.  Here’s what happened.

He was deleting items that he no longer needed and in one way or another managed to select multiple items other than the one he wanted to delete.  This kind of thing happens a lot with laptop touchpads.  When he pressed delete, he got rid of what he wanted but that was the moment that he lost everything else as well.  He didn’t realize that this had occurred, and didn’t think to check the recycling bin which is where I found everything after a few minutes.

Here’s 1 danger: If his automated computer Tune-up was configured to empty the recycle bin on regular basis he would’ve lost everything permanently!

How to avoid this or any other disastrous possibility: Instead of creating folders on your desktop, do the same exact process to create those folders in your my documents folder.  Then create shortcuts for those documents and folders on your desktop.  Here’s a video showing you how.